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Hey flute students and parents!

Are you ready to...

...have that sound you've always dreamed of?

...gain more confidence as a flutist?

...make the chair placement in your band or honor orchestra?

...learn how to have purposeful practice sessions?​

...find your unique voice and express yourself through the flute?

Lauren Sanders Flute Teacher Lesson
Lauren Sanders Flute Teacher Lesson
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If you've answered "YES"
to any of these questions,
you've come to the right place!

In lessons we will...

  • Practice flute fundamentals to have all the tools to fully express yourself and the music.

  • Learn a variety of repertoire to keep things fresh and explore different styles.

  • Play pieces that YOU'RE excited about.

  • Learn the music theory and music history related to the repertoire being learned for deeper meaning.

  • Gain confidence in your abilities and foster a positive growth mindset that will carry you far.

  • Develop skills of mental preparation for performances and auditions to help with nerves.

  • Use practice games so you can learn even the most difficult passages.

  • Create realistic plans to make your dreams a reality.

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that music is powerful and has the ability to deeply move us. It is an expression of our own unique individual experiences, and it allows us to express feelings we otherwise might not be able to put into words. Music is so moving and special because of the humanity that we bring to it from the life that we live.


In my teaching, I tailor each lesson to my students’ interests and passions, frequently referencing experiences they may have had or things they love, since music is an expression of life itself. Students are encouraged to draw upon visual imagery, and merge classical fundamental music training with creativity and fun. I have had students come up with stories or draw pictures relating to the pieces they play. This helps them engage with their music in new ways and truly listen. I love seeing my students light up with creativity as they find freedom in expression and unlimited possibilities!

This method of teaching was born out of the realization that referencing my own experiences in visual art and dance enhance my flute playing and creativity. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, in addition to Flute Performance. I used to view the two subjects as separate pursuits until my teacher during my Masters degree asked me to imagine I was painting or dancing as I played. In that moment, it felt like a sudden explosion of possibilities in my head, and I instantly had access to a world of new musical ideas from connecting two of my passions. I saw a tango of sound, color, shapes, and lines. It was so exciting! I strive for my students to have similar experiences in their learning process where they can personally connect with their instruments and create music that is meaningful to them.

“Lauren's instruction has done incredible things for our daughter’s flute skills. In only 4 months, the improvements we have heard in tone quality, breath control, and technique have been fantastic. Recently our daughter was playing a solo for a band clinician and he specifically complemented her skills and tone quality. While practice does make a difference, Lauren's high quality instruction has taken our daughter’s skills far beyond what they would have been without her expertise. Lauren is both a skillful flautist and positively motivating instructor. She instills confidence in her students and their abilities as players that is evident in their performances. We are grateful for Lauren's skillful instruction and positive influence on our daughter’s experience with music."

Lisa M.


Here's what you will get with private lessons:

  • Creatively personalized one-on-one weekly lesson times that are tailored to help you meet your individual goals and find your voice.

  • Recommended lesson books and materials to expand your repertoire and explore new music.

  • Master classes to learn more about flute-specific topics and connect with other flutists within the studio community.

  • Performance opportunities to practice sharing the joy of music with others.

  • Access to your very own flute cheerleader and support throughout the week. I'm here for any questions you may have during your practice sessions!

Lauren Sanders Flute Teacher Lesson Masterclass
Lauren Sanders Flute Teacher Lesson Creative Art
Lauren Sanders Flute Teacher Lesson
  • How long are lessons?
    I offer two packages: 30 minutes per week This is great for the beginning flutist or someone looking to get back into playing again. These sessions allow for a very focused lesson. 1 hour per week Longer lessons are ideal for more advanced players or students who want to be able to dive into even more each lesson.
  • Do I need to own a flute to start lessons?
    You do not need to own a flute to start lessons, but I do recommend renting a flute if you are not ready to purchase. Here are some great places to rent a flute in Houston: - Music and Arts - Fort Bend Music Center - Fleming Repair Closed hole flutes are recommended for beginners, but we can always put plugs in an open-hole flute. For younger students (under 8), a curved head joint may be a better fit. This can help the student reach the keys and hold the flute better if they are small. I am happy to help discuss finding a flute that would best suit you at your first lesson or to help you upgrade your flute at any time!
  • How can I get started?
    Submit a studio application and I will be in touch with more information to help you get started. We will find a time that works best for you and your schedule. The weekly lessons are where the real musical journey begins and flourishes!
  • Do you offer virtual lessons?
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