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Creatively joyful


Lauren Sanders Teacher Flute Lesson

Hi, I'm Lauren Sanders, Creative Flute Instructor

Teaching is my passion and I enjoy using my creative arts background to inspire students to think outside the box. My students not only shine in their music fundamentals, but they find joy in being artists and expressing themselves with confidence.

  • Have you wanted to get first chair in placement auditions?

  • Do you ever get overwhelmed with how to practice a piece?

  • Do you ever think: How can I sound like that?

  • Is there a longing inside you to find creative expression and joy in your playing?

  • Do you want to progress faster and learn more beyond band class?

If you've answered yes, you've come to the right place!

Hi, I'm Lauren.

I am passionate about the flute and helping others find their voice through music! With my Masters in Flute Performance and a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art (and Flute Performance), I encourage students to find joy in their playing, and pull from their own creative experiences to make music that is authentic and true to themselves.

I used to be really quiet growing up and music helped me find my voice. I loved that I could express what I was feeling through my playing and found my confidence grow as I experienced the joy of sharing music with others. Seeing my students light up in lessons as they find their own voice and discover what they are capable of is why I teach!

In my studio, I tailor each lesson to the individual. I want to see you shine, and meet your goals and dreams--whether that is to win all the competitions or to simply enjoy creating beautiful music! I am here for you every step of the way and am truly so excited to meet you!

Screen Shot 2023-12-15 at 1.43.46 PM.png
Lauren Sanders Flute Performing
Photo credit: LMC Seattle


"Lauren is patient, understanding, and caring. I look forward to my lessons every single week and am always disappointed if we are unable to have a lesson for whatever reason. With Lauren, I learned the hardest music I have ever played and got an excellent rating on it, got into three honors groups, and learned to play beautifully on the flute. She also taught me to be confident in my ability.”



“Lauren is a dedicated, positive, and engaging teacher. Our students' excellent progress and enthusiasm for the flute is a direct result of Lauren's carefully planned instruction. She has helped even our youngest students to develop a mature, well-supported tone. For teachers or parents looking for a quality flute instructor, Lauren is one of the finest teachers with whom I have had the privilege to work."


Band Director

"Lauren is experienced with high level literature and able to work with her students to perform at the highest level. As a School Superintendent and former band director, I have seen a multitude of teachers who work hard to form relationships with their students and challenge them at the highest level. Lauren does both and her students grow exponentially due to her commitment.”



School Superintendent

As soon as you join, you'll have access to:

  • Weekly one-on-one time to enhance your flute skills and strategize to meet your musical goals.

  • Your own flute cheerleader to help you grow and find your voice.

  • Lesson books and practice materials for continued growth in and outside of lessons.

  • Workshops and recitals to discover the joy of sharing music with others!

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