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Lauren Sanders Flute Headshot

What do you get when you combine a professional flutist with an artist
who is passionate about teaching
and discovery?

Joyful Creativity!

The Beginning

I have always loved to create and teach--it's just part of my nature. Growing up, I was shy and quiet, and my parents knew that if they hadn't heard from me in a while, I was up to something and working on a project. I wasn’t really into sports, but found a love for ballet, art, and music. At the age of three, I started attending ballet class, and within a few years I asked to be placed with the toughest teacher because I knew she would push me toward excellence. At home, I would craft anything that I could think of: purses, dolls, and even wearable shoes made of cardboard. My younger twin sisters were the recipients (at first willingly, until I gave them homework) of my teaching. I derived great joy in sharing all the things I was excited about and helping them learn about all the cool things I knew from school.

By my 5th grade year, my parents suggested I learn an instrument I could play in band or orchestra, and I chose the flute. Not only was it pretty and shiny, but my best friend was going to play her mom’s old flute, and I didn’t want to be left out! The year before, I was a Chinese dancer in the Nutcracker ballet and didn't realize that the opening section of Tchaikovsky's Chinese Dance featured a solo flute (I later got to play that solo in college to come full circle!). I had no idea how important music and the flute would become in my life journey!

Igniting Joy

Although I loved the flute, I didn’t start seriously practicing until the 7th grade when my dad went to our local music store to sign me up for lessons. There I met my first flute teacher, Terry McDonnell, who was a jazz doubler. As a blues guitarist and visual artist, my father was thrilled his daughter was learning jazz flute. With Terry’s passion for music and his belief in me, I became inspired to practice and acquire real skill. Under his teaching, I saw myself quickly progress--I went from last chair in the 7th grade band to first chair in the top band, and ended up winning awards at the band banquet just a year later.


As I gained confidence in my playing, I also I fell in love with the sound and repertoire of the flute. I began listening to many great recordings, and particularly wanted to learn to play the Chaminade Concertino. My grandma noticed how much I was invested in the flute, so she purchased the Concertino sheet music for me, and I learned it measure by measure until I could play along with any accompaniment I could find on the internet. Although I enjoyed jazz flute, the beautiful French classical playing stole my heart. I was captivated by the shimmery vibrato, luscious tone, and elegant lines, and I wanted to learn to recreate those in my playing.

Finding My Voice

That's when I began studying with my "flute mom" and incredible mentor, Janette Erickson, in high school and college. She is Principal Flute of the Fresno Philharmonic in my hometown. Her teaching opened my eyes to the world of classical flute playing and she mentored me as I continued to become more involved in the music community. I began playing in the local youth orchestra, competed in chamber music competitions, and performing in honor ensembles during high school. I even taught flute for the first time as flute section leader in my high school marching band. This was when I started to decide that flute was going to be my main avenue of creative expression and that it was going to be in my life for a long time.


During college I majored in Flute Performance and Studio Art. I loved both art forms and found them to be complimentary in a lot of ways. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to perform in concerto performances, put on concerts with my own wind quintet that I formed, and co-found/direct a community flute choir. To this day, chamber music has continued to be a passion of mine. Music and visual art were complimentary in that I felt that the dedication and creativity required from both were similar, but I hadn't quite put together the strengths that they bring out in each other.

Lauren Sanders Flute Performance
Lauren Sanders Flute Performance
Lauren Sanders Flute Janette Erickson Teacher

Sharing My Story

Lauren Sanders Flute Graduate Quintet

The true complimentary nature of flute and visual art truly became evident during my Masters degree under my brilliant professor, Dr. Terri Sánchez. One specific lesson with her stuck with me, and has changed my approach to music ever since. Dr. Sánchez was trying to get me to breathe more life into a piece I was playing, and she knew that I had a background in visual art and dance. She asked me to imagine movement and visual art elements as I played, and I instantly felt fireworks go off in my head. A connection was made and what followed from my instrument had infinitely more life and meaning than it had before.

The connection between the visual and musical has become pertinent in my own playing and teaching ever since. It has helped me find my voice by relating my music to something very meaningful to me. For some students, that meaning may be found in dance and visual art as well, but for others it may be found in sports or significant life experiences. Music is meant to express and no one can play the flute quite like YOU. You are the only you who has lived your life. Even when simply pulling upon visual references, you are the only one who has experienced what you have. When two people look at the same thing, they inevitably see things from different perspectives. Your perspective is unique, and it matters!

Lauren Sanders Flute Graduate Recital
Lauren Sanders Flute Graduation

Your Story

My goal as a teacher is to help my students connect with their story or the musical story composed in front of them, and equip them with the tools needed to paint that picture with the sounds from their flute. We focus on classical music fundamentals in lessons all with the greater purpose of expression. The flute is a wonderful tool to teach us about ourselves and the human experience. The life lessons you will learn along your journey will apply far beyond the practice room.


It is an honor to be your mentor and cheerleader, guiding you along your own unique journey. I am so excited to hear your story and watch it unfold!

Lauren Sanders Flute Teacher Flute Lesson
Lauren Sanders Flute Teacher Flute Lesson

The Cliff Notes version: I used to be shy and have always loved the arts, but it wasn't until I realized the significance of my own personal journey that I truly found my voice on the flute. I am passionate about teaching and helping students find their voice through their own life experiences while equipping them with all the necessary flute tools to express themselves.

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Some of My Favorite Things

Anything creative! Watercolor is one of my favorite mediums to work with.

Being outside and running!

Lauren Sanders Art
Lauren Sanders

My amazing husband and forever duet partner, Micah!

Lauren and Micah Sanders Wedding Flute and Cello

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